RAN is determined to support and embrace every right thinking Nigerian who shares her vision and also willing to promot restructuring in the country.

in considering the word RESTRUCTURING, we hold a viable understanding and distinctive definition as it relates to Nigeria. This is how RAN defines restructuring :

The Refinement of The Hearts and The Minds of a People in a System and The Institutional Structure of The System.              

                                                             SOME OF OUR INITIATIVES ARE:




Good Governance Campaign:

The attribute of goodness begins with a proper moral display of honesty for the rule of law and absolute commitment to the oath of office as it relates to government. Unfortunately, this has been scarce in our preen system of government and as such creating fear ahead for the future. however several survey reports has boosted the courage of many and it is crystal clear that there are still honourable leaders, intellectual dons and individuals with positive mind set , who still believe in the rights formula of fixing the square pegs into the square holes.

RAN is dedicated to promoting any resourceful right thinking individuals in government or anyone iswilling to occupy a seat in government for an excellent strategic restructuring of Nigeria. Also, we understand that every good works deserves a commendation, so we are willing to acknowledge every practicing leader in government to do more.

The campaign for good governance according to RAN goes beyond the literary meaning. We are globally represented in the USA, Canada and some part of Europe; and we will continue to spread our network of communication where ever there is a Nigerian in the world.

We have a very strong mediapresence practically in all the countries where we are located. With our social media platforms and partners, audio visuals jingles in both local and cable TV, we are able to promote our objectives in an acceptable manner

RAN only subscribed to a manifesto with the vision of RESTRUCTURING the country (Nigeria) to a better progressive state, were an average 25 year old youth will become a solution to  a global challenge. Also, our support is not restricted to road shows, talk shows, electoral monitoring exercise, elections enlightenment and research on the most qualified candidate before elections.


Leadership Training:

RAN leadership training is an educative project that provides sound knowledge in leadership in both public and private sector. This is a capacity building initiative that develops individual’s skills and innovative abilities for leadership.

In recent times, the youths and the most insightful are the ones taking the front row in global governance in some countries. Also, the most challenging issues that have ever arose in several international conferences and summit such as G20 had always being resolved with the smartest solution from the young minds.

Although, we believe it is easier to train a youth than a 70 year old adult, every individual including young and old deserves a proper restructuring of the mind form the old contaminated mind set. Today, an average 10 year old boy in Nigeria can hardly go for an errand by an adult without incentives. This is what RAN is willing to correct.

We are taking our leadership training form the young to the elites. Here, we train periodically through our seminars, summits and conferences.

Also, our RAN G – SUMMIT (Restructure Ambassadors of Nigeria Global Summit) is designed for the Nigeria elite in diasporas and those active as government executives in the country to analytically provide key solution to sustainable development

Teen and old people Alive (TOP ALIVE) Initiative :

The RAN TOP Alive initiative is an eye opener for both the old people and teenager to understand the concept of restructuring and to participate in the best way they can. The platform will help to recruit professionals across Nigeria languages from the grass roots, that will act as educators in various town hall meeting where proper restructuring instructions will be passed to our aging elders.

For the teenagers in secondary schools, this initiative will be done through school authorities and social platform were RAN executives will periodically enlightens these teenagers on the concept of restructuring and the need to build a better Nigeria.

RAN TOP Alive initiative also intends to introduce academic competitions where teenagers will be exposed to grant and scholarship to promote their education.


Restructure Ambassadors of Nigeria RAN is a composition of some noble intellectuals and seasoned individuals who are professionals in their various fields, in both private and public services within Nigeria and the diaspora.

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