RAN-GYA Initiatives:

Restructure Ambassadors of Nigerisla -Global Youths Association (RAN-GYA) is made up of Nigerian youths from all over the world. It is so amaizing to know that Some of our resourceful youths lives in  Canada, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Jamaica, Germany, and more.

RAN-GYA is primarily designed to accommodate all Nigerian youths with the objective to prepare them as a  viable and resourceful tool for leadership.

An average Nigerian youth may have missed the track due to poor governance and deceptive agitators’ greed; but all hope is not lost because, as they say ” the beautiful once are not yet born”

We believe that every Nigerian youth is a potential individual with great intuitive abilities to explore more and soar above the ordinary to fix global challenges.



Restructure Ambassadors of Nigeria RAN is a composition of some noble intellectuals and seasoned individuals who are professionals in their various fields, in both private and public services within Nigeria and the diaspora.

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